Year 9

Our focus in Year 9 is to reinforce the importance of making the most of opportunities.


We believe that starting GCSEs one year early enables our students to have the best chance to achieve their potential by the end of Year 11, and one that is not emulated by other local schools.


This gives our Year 9s a unique opportunity to not only learn content and prepare for their exams, but to also spend time embedding and truly strengthening their understanding.  


We compliment this focus on GCSEs with a clear and regular Incentive Scheme. The Incentive Scheme has been set up to reward students for their hard work, progression, attitude, attendance, excellent behaviour, and contribution to the wider community. This is in the form of a half termly competition, with prizes chosen by the students.


In addition to this, we give out Personal Best Awards and Star of the Week in assembly each week, and we have a termly league table for Conduct points and Attendance. This brings in some healthy competition between tutor groups!


Following on from last year’s focus on Positive Leadership, now is the time for students to start considering any future leadership roles. Towards the end of Year 9 the Prefect applications begin, and applicants need evidence of their contributions to the school and the wider community. Therefore, we welcome any help at Open Evenings, Parents Evenings, Information Evenings, Sports events, curriculum events, Sports teams, and Theatre performances. If your child is interested in putting themselves forward as a candidate, please send them to Miss Price or Mr Magee, from whom they can find out more information.


Similarly, there are opportunities to be Anti-Bullying ambassadors and student mentors, but these are not exclusive to Year 9.


Finally, underpinning all of the above is our standard expectation of all students at Toynbee 



  • Arrive at school before 8.40am

  • High level of Attendance

  • Exceptional Uniform standards

  • Outstanding Behaviour 


All Policies relating to the above can be found on our website.


The whole Year 9 team look forward to working with you to support your child throughout their journey at Toynbee, and we endeavour to provide every Year 9 with the tools to achieve their maximum potential and their Personal Best.