Vision Impairment Resource

The Toynbee School Resource is committed to providing a stimulating, friendly and supportive environment that will maximise educational opportunities and potential for independence for all pupils with vision impairment.

The Toynbee School Resource, built in 1996, is the only purpose built secondary resource that is fully equipped to support the needs of pupils with vision impairment in Hampshire.  The support team consists of a Qualified Teacher of Vision Impairment, with an additional two teachers in training, a High Level Teaching Assistant, a Lead Reprographic Technician, a Deputy Reprographic Technician and 14 Learning Support Assistants who are all very experienced and specially trained in working with pupils with vision impairment.

Pupils who attend the resource have an Educational Health Care Plan with Vision Impairment as their primary need. The pupils enjoy full mainstream inclusion and access to the National Curriculum. An additional curriculum of Braille, touch typing/keyboard and life /independent living skills is also provided in 1:1 sessions within the resource. 

We have a resident qualified Habilitation Specialist who is based in the resource three days a weeks who provides mobility and orientation training as well as independent living skills training in and around the school campus.

The resource provides specialist support within the classroom through the use of Learning Support Assistants as well as with the latest access technology such as laptops and IPADs with assistive software and specialist equipment for large print users and Braillists. Modification of work including tactile diagrams for both large print users and Braillists is also provided.



All pupils in the resource are fully integrated in to the life of the school and take on areas of responsibility, for example within the school Pupil Leadership Team. They take part in school day trips, residentials and clubs after school, such as Sport, Art, Drama and Music. There is also a dedicated club called HiVis specifically for the pupils in the resource on Fridays after school.  Activities include sport, music, crafts and baking.

The Toynbee School Resource is also involved in both in-reach and out-reach programmes as we provide support and opportunities for other children with vision impairment in various educational settings all over Hampshire and beyond.  


Visiting the Resource

Visits to the resource by parents and prospective pupils are very welcome. Before attending the school full time all pupils will have the opportunity to attend a structured induction programme so that they feel confident about transferring to a Secondary setting.

Please contact the Toynbee School Resource to arrange a time to visit.
We look forward to welcoming you.

DIRECT LINE - 02380 274266


Gail Taylor 

B.Ed (Hons) M.Ed Education of Children with Vision Impairment
Manager of the Toynbee School Resource for Students with Vision Impairment