Year 8

Year 8 

I have really enjoyed being part of the Year 8s transition to Toynbee. They have had a difficult couple of years and are now settled & thriving at Toynbee.  

The resilience skills they have learnt in Year 7 will be further developed by the challenges of Year 8. 

In Year 8 we start looking & deciding GCSE options. This process creates a lovely opportunity to empower the pupils to think about the future & encourage a new focus in lessons. 

In Year 8 we will explore some difficult but important subjects in PHSE lessons. We expect pupils to take the lessons seriously & show empathy & understanding to their peers.  

Year 8 will bring a continued focus on the basic expectations of 

Always showing respectful behaviour
Excellent attendance 
Focus in lessons 
Accepting responsibility 
Support each other. 
Year 8 will continue to bring extra circular activities & social opportunities.  They have missed out on many school experiences, so I am mindful more than ever of the importance of socialisation & building positive friendships. 

Myself & the Year 8 Tutor Team are committed to working closely with home to ensure every Year 8 pupil does there personal best. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, concerns or feed-back 

Mrs R Murchie