Home Learning

Parent Strategies for Supporting Home Learning

Parents are encouraged to assist in monitoring pupil progress towards completion of home learning, but should not do the pupils home learning for them. Parents can be most helpful in providing a routine time and place for home learning that is conducive to undisturbed study. Removing distractions like access to social media, video games & smart phones as well as insisting on a regular time slot for study will help their children.

We also endorse parents discussing their child’s home learning with them – showing an interest, discussing deadlines, confirming how they are going to meet them, checking that they have the resources they need, do they know exactly what they have got to do. 

All parents have access to their child’s home learning assignments online through Satchel One’ to assist in this type of discussion.

Encourage a balanced lifestyle. Pupils who have regular home learning routines alongside the opportunity to engage in creative outlets, keep fit by playing sport, or get involved in community groups are more likely to be able to focus on their home learning.

Parents can discuss their child’s home learning with the class teacher, tutor or Guidance Manager at anytime.