Pupil Welfare

-          Medical Room direct line 02380 269026 ext. 310

-          Miss Kemp  – Student Welfare Officer ( a.kemp@toynbee.hants.sch.uk)


Pupils who fall ill at school

If a pupil feels unwell during the school day they should attend the medical room for assessment, care and treatment as appropriate. However, pupils are encouraged to attend during break or lunchtime unless:

·         They are injured during a lesson

·         They have a chronic condition (migraines or they are very unwell)

It is not acceptable for pupils to telephone their parents or carers or for parents and carers to remove their son/daughter without permission of the school.

The school also has a number of qualified first aiders who can help when needed.


Exceptional Medical Conditions

Please let Miss Kemp know if your child has any medical ailment or chronic condition requiring medication, special care or consideration.

With effect from September 2014 Department of Education guidelines require schools to have Individual Health Care Plans in place for all pupils with a medical condition.

Pupils are advised to use the toilet at lesson change over, break or lunch. We do have a green card that pupils can be issued with if they feel they should need to leave the classroom at any time with a medical condition. Please contact Miss Kemp should your child need one of these.


Medication in School

·         The only medication supplied by the school is paracetamol. If you wish your child to be administered paracetamol in the case of pain/fever, please ensure that you sign the appropriate consent form when your child commences Toynbee.

·         If you wish to provide medication to be administered or supervised in school, including emergency medication, regular routine medication, pain killers and short courses of antibiotics please complete a form ‘ Parental School Agreement for the administration of medicines in school’.  We discourage pupils from carrying their own medication for self-administration.


Please follow the guidelines with any medication that is bought into school.

·         The medication needs to be provided in the original packaging, clearly labelled with the child’s name.

·         In the case of prescribed medication they should have the Doctors directions clearly visible.

·         The expiry date should be noted and a replacement supplied in good time.


Asthma or prescribed a Salbutamol (Ventolin/blue) inhaler for occasional use

·         If your child has asthma or has been prescribed a Salbutamol (Ventolin/blue) inhaler for occasional use they are encouraged to carry it on them at all times with a spare being kept in the medical room if you wish. Pupils should also have their inhaler on them during P.E.

Epi Pen or Auto Injector

·         If your child has an allergy that requires an Epi Pen or Auto Injector they must carry one with them at all times and a spare must be kept in the medical room.

 ·         There are a number of pupils in school with nut allergies. Toynbee is therefore a nut free school.

 ·         There are a number of pupils in school whose asthma is triggered by aerosols therefore pupils should not bring aerosols, this includes deodorants and body sprays

Use of Crutches in School

If a pupil needs to use crutches in school this will need to be discussed with Miss Kemp in the first instance. We will need to complete a risk assessment and you will need to sign a parental agreement.


Two sets of vaccinations are offered through NHS schemes during their time at Toynbee. Information on the vaccines and how to consent are sent home in advance.

·         Human Papillomavirus Vaccine (HPV)

 ·         Diphtheria/Tetanus/polio and meningitis ACWY Vaccine (teenage booster)

Head Lice

Head lice can occasionally still be an issue at secondary school. Therefore please continue to regularly check your child’s hair for any signs and treat appropriately.

Lost Property

Can we please ask that all your child’s property is labelled appropriately, this makes it easier to return to the pupil. Unfortunately we receive a lot of lost property and are unable to keep it indefinitely so therefore any unclaimed property is disposed of after 20 school days. 


All pupils may rent a locker to keep their own personal equipment, the cost is £20 (non-refundable) and this covers the five academic years.  Pupils must keep their lock key safe and bring it with them every day. Only in an absolute emergency will Miss Kemp open a locker. Should a key be lost then a replacement one can be purchased at a charge of £5.00. Pupils must sign back the locker key at the end of Year 11. We expect all pupils to take care of their own locker and any pupil found to be abusing the locker will be asked to meet the cost of the repair. Pupils are not to share a locker.

Mobile Phones and Personal Devices

We understand that pupils bring their own valuable equipment to school e.g. mobile phones, Iwatches and musical instruments.  Please note that the school accepts no responsibility for loss, damage or theft of such items.