School Closure

School Closure & Emergencies

In the event of extreme bad weather or bomb threat the school may need to close. We will always try to notify parents and carers as soon as possible if this is to happen via School Comms and also our school website. Local radio stations such as Heart Fm and BBC Radio Solent will also publicise school closures along with the main Hampshire website.

While the school is closed our pupils should continue with their studies by the following means:-

  • Log on to GCSE Pod and listen to podcasts of the subjects they would have had on their timetable for the day. 
  • GCSE students could also take the time to compile a 'Favourites Playlist' on GCSE Pod with the topics they need to revise or find more difficult.
  • Re-read work completed in class in the previous week ready for short brief recall tests on their return to school
  • Check ‘Show My Homework’.  Some teachers may have left tasks for their classes there during the closure and also complete any outstanding homework.
  • Read a book