It is important that you feel and know this is YOUR school. You shape the community you come to each day. It is important to us that you are happy and that you understand what you are learning and why.  We want you to be challenged and work hard so that you can achieve your personal best. We expect you to treat your friends, teachers and other pupils with kindness, courtesy and respect as we believe that this is the key to the very special ethos that makes Toynbee different to other schools.

We are an inclusive school and that means that we welcome pupils of all abilities. It also means that we believe that having the Visually Impaired Resource Centre for Hampshire on our school site enables you to understand and be sensitive to the fact that you are growing up in a world where not everyone has the same needs. We want you to grow the personal characteristics of tolerance and empathy which will take you a long way in your work and personal life.

Toynbee Life section of the website tells you a lot about day to day opportunities and activities at the school. Please embrace every opportunity that comes your way. Get involved.