The Houses

Toynbee house system is comprised of 4 houses each with its unique link to the Toynbee school.

Clarendon: The house gets its name from The Clarendon Way. This is a 24 mile walk joining the two Wessex cities of Salisbury and Winchester. The Way gets its name from Clarendon Park on the eastern edge of Salisbury.

Drummond: Is named after a famous Scotsman, Dugald Drummond. Drummond became the Chief Mechanical Engineer for the construction of a large locomotive power depot; replacing the existing maintenance and repair shops at Northam, Southampton

Solent: Taking its name from the Solent. The Solent is a strait between the Isle of Wight and Great Britain. It is about 20 miles (32 kilometres) long and is a major shipping lane for passenger, freight and military vessels. It is an important recreational area for water sports, particularly yachting and hosting the Cowes Week sailing event annually.

Spitfire: Named after the iconic aircraft, the Spitfire. The prototype Spitfire first flew from Southampton Airport and production of the earliest models was based at the Supermarine factory in Woolston.

There have been some important changed to the way that the Toynbee house system runs during the 2022/23 school year. It will be very much a focus of the Tutor Time programme as well as increasing the number of whole school events.

All the changes have been made to achieve maximum participation and engagement across the school and all its year groups.

What it is and why it is important

Toynbee house system is designed provide activities beyond the classroom inspire children to be part of a team, compete with others and give them a sense of pride.

Toynbee House system gives pupils the opportunity to become House Captains. They will get the opportunity to:

  • Run whole school events
  • Design inter tutor competitions
  • Design and run assemblies
  • Develop their ability to be an effective leader

As well as tutor groups participating in activities each week there will also be a whole school house events during each half term. The events are designed and run by the Heads of House and their House Captains.

The Toynbee House Cup

Pupils compete throughout the year in the above events to win the House cup. Points are also available through Proud points. These points can be gained through recognition of anything outside of the classroom. Such as participating clubs, assisting in open evenings, being helpful around the school, contributing in tutor time etc.