Please note that external exams take place from the beginning of March through to the end of June for Year 11 and in June & July for year 10. In a few subjects such as Music, Dance, Drama, MFL, Food Technology, Design Technology & Art there will be GCSE controlled coursework throughout the year. Please avoid commitments during these periods.

Mock exams for year 10 will take place in June/July. Decisions about tiers of entry will be affected by pupils mock results as well as how they have done during the course. It is important that pupils allow adequate time for revision for these examinations. This will not be possible if they are still working on outstanding assignments so completion of outstanding work must be priority. 



Each pupil is supported through the GCSE entry process and the exam period by a back-up team of staff which includes the Exams Officer, their Guidance Manager, tutors and subject teachers. Nonetheless, the person who is best placed to know all the details of any individual pupil's entry is the pupil! Parents can play a valuable role in the double-checking their children's schedules. Please be aware that exams are throughout the academic year and not only in the summer term.

Any problems should be brought to the attention of Miss K. Bason (Exams Officer) or, if subject related to the relevant Head of Department as soon as possible.


Examination Malpractice

There are significant numbers of mobile phone disqualifications every year by the Exam Boards. Candidates do not need to talk about the exam in order to be disqualified - a mobile ringing is sufficient. We warn candidates that they should not have phones, pagers, MP3 players, or any texting device in the exam room. We display notices to this effect.

No food should be brought into exam rooms. However, if candidates wish to bring water into the exam room they should supply still water in a clear unlabelled bottle. Water bottles should be placed on the floor, not on the desk.

There are many other regulations which are communicated to candidates in Assemblies and on paper.