British Values


  • Our Head Prefects and School Council reps are democratically elected and organised; They seek the views of their peers
  • Our History curriculum investigates democracy and its impact on society
  • House Captains are democratically elected
  • School Council and Year group council promotes democratic contribution
  • The school seeks the opinions of our pupils, parents, staff and governors through surveys and meetings
  • Restorative meetings are always held to model how to peacefully overcome conflict

 Mutual Respect

  • We promote Positive Relationships in our teaching and learning
  • Respect is one of our PROUD values that contribute to our Personal Best
  • The PSHCE and RS curriculum teaches pupils to listen and value the opinions of others
  • Our behaviour policy promotes respect for others and encourages pupils to take responsibility for their actions
  • We promote an inclusive environment at Toynbee School where we value everyone regardless of faith, gender, ethnicity, disability and sexuality

 Rule of Law

  • There is a structured behaviour policy which is shared with pupils and parents
  • Pupils understand that their behaviour has consequences for themselves and others
  • Teachers set out their class rules at the beginning of the year
  • The school’s policies are shared online
  • The school works with a range of agencies to maintain safeguarding procedures

Personal Liberty

  • We offer a diverse number of extra-curricular activities to suit a range of interests
  • Through PSHCE pupils are encouraged to understand and exercise their rights
  • Toynbee encourages the personal development of pupils and staff
  • Through the RSE and Drugs education, pupils are given the information to make informed choices
  • Celebrating Uniqueness is one of our PROUD values that contribute to our Personal Best

Tolerance of Others

  • The PSHCE and RS Curriculum provides a broad and balanced education on a range of faiths, religions and cultures
  • Departments such as History and Geography investigate how the UK has developed into a multicultural society
  • Weekly assemblies celebrate key dates from a range of cultures
  • We have a zero tolerance to prejudicial or discriminatory behaviour