Year 11

Year 11 is an important and challenging year for students in their life at school.   It marks a stage of transition from secondary education to the next level where students will start thinking about their future and going on to further education at college doing “A” levels or vocational courses or embarking on apprenticeships.  As in previous years, the Year 11 Guidance team will offer really great pastoral support to our students and also set the same high expectations.  

The positive start to the year shows how motivated the students are to achieve a personal best and we hope to see continued high levels of progress, attendance and punctuality and high standards in their uniform and behaviour throughout the coming year. 

Our vision is for Year 11 students to leave us equipped with the personal skills and qualifications essential for making a positive impact on their own futures and those around them.  These qualities and attributes will enable them to fulfil their individual potential and be prepared for the next stage in their education and lives.  Working together, we will all continue to encourage, support and help develop these young people in such a way that they can take responsibility for their own learning and aim for the best personal outcomes.  I speak on behalf of the complete Year 11 staff team when I say we are committed to supporting our students through the coming year & encouraging them to achieve their very own 'Personal Best.'

Tutor Time Revision Powerpoints

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Parents & Revision 

Food Technology Revision PPTs

Healthy Eating

Culture & Cuisines

Fruit & Vegetables

Beans & Pulses

Food Provenance



Science of Cooking

Food Safety


Cooking Methods



Bread, Cakes & Biscuits

Milk, Cream,


Pasta & Rice

Revision Book - 'Food Preparation & Nutrition' by Jayne Hill EDUCAS which you bought at the start of Year10 ISBN 9781908682871

If you cannot find your book please email

Use the BBC education website which has some excellent video resources, good information and some self tests.  Do not use GCSE Pod as it is not up to date for your exam board.

Other Revision Resources

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