Head of Careers:
Mrs C Thwaites

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Careers Year 7 - 11
Please remember that you do not need to wait for school events to plan your future; you can start to think about your aims and goals at any time. 

There is an excellent website called ‘National Careers Service’ which is dedicated to helping you get the advice you need to improve your skills and to get on in life. The link is at the top of this page.  The website is FREE to use and offers skills health checks so that you can identify your strengths and think about what kind of work is right for you. It also guides you how to build your CV, create an Action Plan and provides a Careers Library with 750 job profiles on different careers.  It offers advice on Apprenticeships too and a course finder facility if you want to think about universities. 

Careers Advice

You can request a Careers interview at any time at Toynbee with our specialist Careers advisor.  Whilst you are waiting for an interview you can ring the National Careers website on 0800 100 900 for honest and impartial advice.  If you are using a mobile they will call you back so it’s free.

Career Companion 

Hampshire Futures Careers Information Service (

Amazing Apprenticeship



Year 7
The Careers programme starts at Toynbee in Year 7 when we ask you to reflect on your skills, goals and targets as well as assess your performance when working individually or in groups.  This takes place in lessons and on PDL days.

Year 8 & 9 
Exciting times! Now you are able to start shaping your curriculum by choosing your option subjects for your GCSEs.  PD Days will help you to focus on careers and external speakers will talk to you about their experiences.  Special events and information evenings are arranged for you and your parents so that you can make these important decisions together. You need to consider what you want to do in the future and keep your options as broad as possible so that you do not cut off any ‘career avenues.’ 

Year 10
Your GCSEs begin and so do a variety of work based experiences such as 'Mock Interview Day’ where adults from local businesses come into school and interview you and talk about your CV as well as your plans for the future.  You are also offered the opportunity to attend either of the 'Careers Fairs’ in the Summer & Autumn term.  

REMEMBER to arrange your Work Experience Placement, otherwise you will be in school! 

Year 11
Local sixth form colleges lead assemblies in the Autumn term and all pupils are encouraged to attend taster days and events at the colleges they are thinking of applying to.  We also hold two ‘Careers Fairs’ in the evening in October and the Summer term, so that pupils and parents can consider all the training and apprenticeship routes on offer. Local universities as well as local services such as Hants Fire & Rescue, Police, Army, Hair & Beauty etc. attend so that you can learn and research your options for 'post Toynbee life’ as much as possible.  You are given lots of support by your tutor, the school Careers Co-ordinator, our external Careers Guidance Team and 1:1 Careers Interviews to make the transfer from Toynbee to elsewhere as smooth as possible.