Pupil Welfare

Accidents, Illness and Medical Problems 
Toynbee School has a full-time Student Welfare Officer (Matron) Mrs. Helen Thompson.  Contact on Ext 310 or h.thompson@toynbee.hants.sch.uk.  She is able to treat / minor injuries, which inevitably happen from time to time.  If your child becomes unwell at school and needs to go home, Mrs Thompson will contact you, using the contact number given on your data collection sheet.  This is why it is important to keep your DATA Collection Sheet on School Comms up to date.  Also, please try to give us an alternative to a mobile phone number such as work switchboard number.  It can be very distressing for a sick/injured child when we are unable to contact a parent because a mobile is switched off or the number is out of date.

The School also has a number of qualified first aiders who can help when needed.  Mrs. Thompson cannot prescribe medicines but she keeps in secure storage pupil’s spare inhalers and medicines needed during the day.  We have a ‘Sick Bay’ with bed where children who are genuinely unwell can rest in comfort.

However if your child is complaining of feeling unwell before school, please do not send them in.  School is a busy, bustling environment, unsuited to a child who is feeling ill.  If your child is unwell, he/she needs to be at home.

If a child needs emergency sanitary wear, rips their clothing causing a modesty problem, gets soaked or generally needs personal help Mrs. Thompson is there to help.

Please let Mrs Thompson know if your child has any medical ailment or chronic condition requiring medication, special care or consideration.  She will keep any drugs or treatment a child requires secure during the school day and will administer, according to written instructions from you, or assist in administering, as necessary. She will not give injections or other similar procedures, however all staff have been trained in the use of Epipens.

If an accident does occur we have a clear emergency procedure, which operates to provide immediate medical attention.  If the accident is possibly serious, an ambulance will be called immediately and parents will be contacted.

Although we are experienced, we are not infallible, and every parent must make their own judgement when a child arrives home after a minor accident or after feeling unwell in school, as to whether or not to seek the advice of their GP or other healthcare professional.

Please help us in our genuine concern for the individual child by drawing our early attention to special problems, anxieties or upsets.  We need to know if your child is short-sighted, should wear spectacles, is slightly deaf, has asthma, has any other medical condition, however minor, or is especially shy, worried about friendships or unwilling to come to school.  We would ask you to tell us of emotional upsets which could seriously affect your child’s school day.

With effect from 1st September 2014 Department of Education guidelines require schools to have Individual Health Care Plans in place for all pupils with a medical condition. If your child has asthma and carries an inhaler or has an allergy that needs the use of an epipen in an emergency please ask for a relevant health care plan proforma.

If your child has any other medical condition that requires possible treatment/special consideration in school please contact Mrs Thompson on extension 310. Thank you

Personal Property    

Given the large number of students in school, we have a remarkably honest community and permanent theft and loss is a rare occurrence. Losing any belongings is, however, upsetting for the student and expensive for parents. Consequently, we ask all parents to clearly mark all property which students bring into school with their full name and this includes their uniform, especially blazers!. Parents are strongly urged not to allow children to bring valuable possessions into school unless absolutely necessary. This includes money.  If students need to have valuables in school they should put them in their locker.

Lost Property      

It is in the nature of children to lose things and leave things especially in the first few months of starting secondary school!  This is a minor problem if all possessions are named or marked.  Mrs. Thompson will return named property directly to its rightful owner as soon as possible.  Regrettably, we continue to have unmarked property both handed in and reported missing.  Pupils are responsible for the safe keeping of their own property.  Unclaimed lost property is given to charity at the end of 20 school days.


All pupils may rent a locker in which to keep personal equipment. The cost is £20 (non-refundable) and this covers the five academic years that your child is in school. Students must keep their locker key safe and bring it with them daily.  Only in emergency will Mrs.Thompson open a pupil’s locker.

Pupils are not allowed to share lockers, or to allow others to use their key. A charge of £3.50 is made for a replacement key if one is lost.  If the spare key is also lost we will provide details for a replacement to be cut at your expense.  We would ask parents to encourage their child to keep books in their locker until needed for a lesson rather than carry heavy loads around school all day.  Pupils must sign back the locker key to Mrs. Thompson at the end of Year 11. Clearly, we rely on pupils taking care of the locker and not damaging or defacing it.  Any pupil found abusing lockers will be asked to meet the cost of repair in full.

Mobile Phones and Personal Devices
If pupils are intent on regularly bringing their own valuable equipment to school, e.g. mobile phones, I-pods or musical instruments, it would be wise for you to insure these items privately.  Rental of a school locker might help for secure storage during the day. Please note that the school accepts no responsibility for loss, damage or theft of such items.