Of course, as parents you play a vital role in your child's education and we all know that when teachers and parents work together the effect and impact on learning is very powerful. We have provided a number of ways to do this through our website links.

  • Stay in touch with school events & information by attending Parents' Evenings & important Information Evenings

  • Synch your digital devices with our school Google Calendar follow us on Twitter (Whole School & Pe Dept) to keep up to date with key events


  • Keep in touch with your with your child's progress by using School Comms.  Update your data in real time.


  • Find out when & why your child is awarded Achievement Points using School Comms


  • Keep up to date with what your child has been set for homework and when it is due using 'Show My Homework' or their Pupil Planner

  • Encourage your child to use GCSE Pod to revise topics outside school time - they can set up favourite play lists from Year 7 onwards.

  • Find out what is happening in school via 'Toynbee Tweets'.

  • Use the email links provided on the Year group pages to contact your child's Guidance Manager if you have any queries.

  • Use any of the links below:-

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