Gifted & Talented

Identification of Gifted and Talented Pupils

When Year 7 pupils join us, the top 10% of pupils are identified as Gifted based on -

Key Stage 2 assessment data,

This takes place towards the end of the Autumn Term, once staff have had a chance to get to know the pupils and their capabilities. Parents are then notified at the beginning of the Spring Term.

Gifted Pupils are tracked throughout their time at Toynbee to ensure that they continue to progress at the expected rate. Towards the end of the Autumn Term, assessments in all subjects are analysed and pupils who appear in the top 10% including English, Maths and Science are also given opportunities to attend key events throughout the year so long as progress is as expected and attitude is exemplary.


Working with our Gifted and Talented Pupils

Year 7 Gifted Pupils attend a residential at Kingswood on the Isle of Wight and take part in the University of Southampton's Outreach Programme.  They are a Russell Group university which ensures the programme stretches our most able.

Subject specific opportunities are also ongoing and these are passed on to Heads of Department as and when they occur so that pupils have opportunities to enrich their learning outside of school. Results, updates and information about these events can also be found on the front page of the school website, twitter and in the Headteacher’s newsletter.

Finally, the school offers a wide range of extra-curricular clubs for pupils which are well populated, so please check the school website for an up to date list of such activities so you can encourage your child to attend.

The school currently has three Teaching Improvement Groups that all staff attend and one of these is focussed on challenge within the classroom which ensures that our Gifted and Talented Pupils thrive and achieve their personal best; this is very much at the heart of what we do on a day to day basis.


Gifted & Talented Provision across Subjects