New Technologies

Head of Department: Mrs S Wilkins

Second in Department: Mr M Gale (Head of Computer Studies)

Teachers: Mrs L Warne (Food) Mrs K Gardener (Textiles) 

Department Vision

Deliver an exciting curriculum for all
Pupils enjoy using New Technologies and have an interest in further study.

Teachers able to inspire and be dynamic due to careful selection and appropriate use of up to date equipment.

Attainment of subject target through greater engagement/interaction in lessons and appropriate use of subject related ICT/technologies.

Increased competence through quality teaching and sharing good practise to support developments leading to an increase in good/outstanding lesson.

Team environment enabling valuable sharing of good practise

Students achieve targets in all subjects by applying learning in appropriate contexts.

Pupils are making good progress during KS3 & KS4.

Year 7 & 8

Subject: Textiles

Safe handling of tools and equipment including the use of the sewing machine
Fibres and fabrics classification - Properties of cotton, knits and weaves
Basic construction processes

Construction of a chicken little – basic machine practice and assembly, hem allowance and pattern making.

Designing for a market

Hat design following the design process.
Pattern drafting

Construction techniques

Subject: Product Design: Materials Project

Safe handling of tools and equipment including the use of the brazing hearth, Sander and drills
Timber and Metal classification - Properties of materials, working characteristics and processes
Design and make project : Pendent and stand

Use of CAD/CAM – 2D design and solidworks including use of laser cutter

Pewter Casting, dip coating and working with timber.

Subject: Electronic Products: Electronic Toy


Safe handling of tools and equipment including scroll saw, vacuum forming and soldering.

Plastics classification – properties of polymers, working characteristics and processes.

Design and make project involving programming an electronic circuit.

Use of Pixace editor


Subject: Computing


Coding with Scratch

An introduction to Python

An introduction to Binary

Computational thinking


Subject: Food


Safe handling of tools and equipment including oven, hob and grill

Safe food handling and good working practices

Preparation and measuring of ingredients

Different methods of cooking including rubbing in, creaming and sauce making

Introduction to investigations



Year 8 Assessment Projects: Summer Term - Pre-GCSE


Subject: Computing

Web design with HTML and CSS

Coding the Microbit


Subject: Design and Technology (Product design, Textiles and Electronics)


'Design and Make' project themed on Glastonbury

Explore context based around security, logistics, lighting, merchandising and functional products

Design and prototype ideas

Use of CAD/CAM

Use of solidworks


Subject: Food


Further development of cooking methods including bread making, pastry and egg dishes

Assessment tasks:

Yorkshire pudding Adaptation

'Ready Steady Cook'

'Clanger' Design and Make task.


Year 9, 10, 11 Design and Technology


Year 9 Unit Overview

Au 1

Accessories, Games, Smart Materials, End of Unit Test


Au 2


Accessories, Games, Production techniques, Plug Game

Sp 1

Games, Accessories, Materials, Plug Game

Sp 2

Games, Accessories, Processes, End of Unit Test

Su 1 & 2

Amplifier, Systems/ electronics, Physical outcome/ End of unit test




Year 9, 10, 11 Computing


System Architecture



Environment, ethical and legal issues in technology

Program design

Representation of data with numbers, characters, audio and image files

Problem solving with Python




Year 9 Food


Year 9 Term 1

Apple pie lesson (probe)  & Yr 9 Folder work

Seasonal Veg, Fruit Browning

Herbs & Spices,  Types of fruit & veg                     

​Fruit Crumble, Product analysis scones     

Introduction to investigation & Write Up

Make butter (not UHT cream) , Scones dried/fresh fruit

Investigation write up

2 cakes: Victoria sponge  - Swiss roll; wnies  - Flapjack

Cake theory, Pastry theory

Custard tarts, Bakewell tarts




Term 2


Research & Planning meal: Cultures & Cuisines                              

Research & Planning meal; Fajita & Wraps & Salsa

Research & Planning meal; Trials of meal                   

Research & Planning meal; 1 hour trial & product analysis

2 Course meal; International theme; Evaluate meal

Dessert; International

Evaluate meal


Term 3



Theory: Meat and its uses

PRAC: Lasagne (make pasta) and dough balls/bread rolls/garlic bread

Record, using a Star Profile


PRAC: Lemon meringue pie.

Record, using a Star Profile

PRAC: Chow mein with flatbread

PRAC; Panna cotta, coulis and biscuits

Year 10 Food

Term 1

Fruit browning experiment; Acid & Alkali

Apple Pie:Types of fruit & veg

Food miles;

Veg rosti: Growing & storage of fruit & veg

Soup & focaccia using fresh herbs                                               

Herbs & spices: Curry & Naan bread                                   

Bread theory, wheat grain, cereals:

Pizza; homemade tomato sauce, dressed salad

Scone investigation

Write up investigation; ref to hypothesis

Scones, jam, butter; Pastry theory 

Custard tarts/coulis

Sausage rolls & Sauce e.g. BBQ

Special diets & Religious diets  


Term 3


PRAC: Panna cotta,coulis and biscuits

THEORY: Health and safety/food safety and food quality in relation to time plan production

PRAC: Lasagne (make pasta) and dough balls/bread rolls or garlic bread

THEORY: Guided research from themed task

PRAC:Chicken Teriyaki with aubergine tempura/Jerk chicken and flatbreads

THEORY: Guided research from themed task

Chosen dishes and creation of time plan for assessment



Evaluate my practical

Did my exam meet the brief?

EDUQA book page 413

PRAC: Choux pastry dish

PRAC: Lemon meringue pie

THEORY: Nutrients revision

Year 11 – Controlled Assessment set by exam board

Year 10 Unit Overview

Au 1

Product , Smart Materials, End of unit test

Au 2

Product 1, Production techniques, Plug Game

Sp 1

Product 2, Materials, Plug Game,

Sp 2

Product 2, Processes, End of unit test

Su 1 & 2

Upcycle, Systems/ electronics, Physical outcome/ end of unit test


Year 11 – Controlled assessment set by exam board    













Introduction to cereals, Label a wheat grain

Spring rolls & sauce, Fortified deficiencies, Coeliac diet

Sausage rolls, Raising agents

Eastleigh College

Yeast experiment, Science of bread making

Pizza with homemade tomato sauce

Processing of flour  & Types of flour

Focaccia & soup

Rice: Types & uses

Curry & naan bread

Oats, barley & rice

How to make pasta, Pasta & basic sauce

Health & Safety, Preventing food poisoning in cereals

Mince Pies, Swiss roll - Yule log

3 Investigations (Research): Sugar in cakes

Special diets; Religious diets

Eggs, parts, uses, freshness

Spiced tortilla


Term 2

Shepherd's pie, julienne carrots & spring onion curls  (presentation)

Chocolate tart, Chocolate work & vanilla custard (presentation)

Cheese & leek lattice savoury tart (mini) & pasta salad/ tomato flower design

Time plan for starter

Own starter & 2 different accompaniments (presentation)

Parts of an egg; Egg investigation - Task analysis                                                            

Foams; Cheese souffle; cheese & spinach roulade                                                          

Roast veg & dauphinoise potatoes/duchess potatoes

Pork tagine & cous cous; Risotto & side

Research - cakes; Cake/sugar investigation

Panna cotta & coulis; Biscuits

Glowing Curtain