Music Lessons

Pupils progress through Grade and Hampshire Stage exams and the display boards in the Music area demonstrate the high levels of progress our pupils are making.  In addition to instrumental lessons, we also run an after school Grade 5 Theory class, which prepares pupils for both higher grade exams and Music at 6th form college.

Instrumental and Singing lessons are taught by both the Toynbee Music staff and visiting peripatetic teachers.  All of our staff, work really hard to ensure that pupils are well taught and inspired to make excellent progress.

Instrumental/Singing lessons take place during the school day and usually last for 20 minutes.  Your son/daughter will follow an instrumental lesson time-table, which will ensure that he/she is not coming out of the same curriculum lesson each week.  We cannot currently provide this rotation system for string lessons.  Parents sometimes worry that attending music lessons will cause their child to fall behind with their progress in other subjects.  Educational research continues to demonstrate that pupils who learn a musical instrument tend to do better academically in all subject areas.



At Toynbee, we believe every child should have access to instrumental/singing lessons.  To support this, we have maintained a very competitive price for lessons:

GCSE Music Pupils - £60 per term

Key Stage 3 Pupils and Key Stage 4 not taking Music - £100 per term

Payments should be made online using the Tucasi online payment system.  Payments can be made at the beginning of the school year for the full amount, or termly.  

Further details

Our instrumental/singing staff are contracted from September to the end of the following Summer term.  Ideally, your son/daughter should book lessons for a whole year.  If you do decide to stop lessons before the end of the year, providing you have given sufficient notice of a half term in writing, refunds will be considered.  We will still have to pay the visiting teacher, so please try to encourage your child to continue learning until the end of the year.

It is not unusual for Year 7 pupils to take some time adjusting to checking their lesson times, and learning how to excuse themselves from the relevant curriculum lessons.  At school we work hard to help with this transition, and find it helpful if parents also remind their child about attending the lessons.

We currently offer the following instrumental lessons:

Piano, Drums, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Trumpet, Trombone, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe, Recorder, Violin, Singing.  To sign your child up for lessons please fill in this form.  

Please feel free to talk to Miss Parrott in the Music Department if you would like further information - ext 212 or contact

The Music Department at Toynbee School  has a strong reputation and offers a highly successful & enthusiastically supported extra curricular programme. 


Educational research continues to demonstrate that pupils who have instrumental/singing lessons achieve higher standards in school across the curriculum.


We are delighted to have a full, varied and exciting timetable of weekly ensemble rehearsals, and our pupils enjoy a broad range of performance opportunities.