Head of Department: Miss T Parrott

Teacher: Mrs P Osborn

Department Vision

Large numbers of pupils involved in extra-curricular music.

To encourage independence and creativity.

Building pupils' confidence.

Engaging, enjoyable and challenging lessons.

High standards of work and behaviour in the classroom.

A well equipped department where pupils have access to a range of technology and instruments.

Year 7


Autumn First Half 'The Elements of Music 1'


Understanding the difference between rhythm and pulse.

Composing short rhythmic patterns.

Performing rhythmic compositions in groups.

Learning: Tempo, rhythm recognition, note reading, time signatures, conducting.


Autumn Second Half  'The Elements of Music 2'


Understanding what the other elements of music are.

Composing arrangements of Frere Jacques on the keyboard.

Performing Free Jacques on the keyboard in rounds, singing.

Learning: Note reading, tempo, texture, time signatures, dynamics.


Spring First Half 'Samba'


Understanding how the structure of a Samba piece works.

Composing a class Samba piece.

Performing a range of complex rhythms as a class using traditional samba instruments. Improvisation.

Learning about where Samba comes from and what the traditional instruments are. Terminology used in Samba music. Structure, dynamics, tempo.

Year 8


Autumn First Half 'Guitar'


Understanding how the guitar is played.

Composing a short riff on the guitar.

Performing a wide range of famous riffs on the guitar.

Learning about what a riff is as well as learning about famous guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix.


Autumn Second Half 'Guitar Continued'


Understanding how to play chords on the guitar.

Composing a chord sequence on the guitar.

Performing given chord sequences.

Learning about famous guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix.

Writing a Christmas Song


Understanding how chord sequences can be turned into a song.

Composing a Christmas song with chords, drums, bass guitar and lyrics.

Performing compositions.

Learning how a song is put together. Texture, tempo, dynamics.



Year 9


Autumn First Half 'Blues'


Understanding the key elements of Blues music.

Composing a Blues song in groups, with lyrics.

Performing the composed Blues song as well as improvisation.

Learning about the history of Blues music and its influences on later music. Harmony, texture, dynamics, tempo.


Autumn Second Half 'A History of Popular Music'


Understanding how music has changed throughout the decades and which key elements are featured in various styles of music.

Composing a Christmas Pop Song using the techniques learnt throughout the project.

Performing a number of pieces in a variety of styles in groups.

Learning about the history of pop music and the key genres from each decade. Timbre.


Spring First Half 'Film music'


Understanding how to use musical elements to create a certain effect.

Composing film music to scenes of various different genres.

Performing themes from films on the keyboard.

Learning how music is used in films to enhance what is on screen. Timbre, tempo, texture, dynamics.


Year 10



Ensemble work.

Writing a pop song.

Chord progressions.



Melody writing.




Classical music.

Latin American music and Reggae.


Summer First Half

Study of the Haydn set work.


Recap basic elements – tempo, dynamics, time signatures.

Practice for the listening exam.



Summer Second Half

Individual free compositions are started.

Practice for the listening exam.


Guitar Pedal

Spring Second Half 'Chords'

Understanding what a chord is and how to use the musical alphabet to create a chord.

Composing a chord sequence and recording it into Logic.

Performing a I V VI IV chord progression on the keyboard.

Learning about primary chords, major and minor chords.

Summer First Half 'Jazz'


Understanding how the elements of Jazz Music are different to other types of music.

Composing a basic jazz piece using chords, a walking bass line and a swing beat.

Performing “It Don’t Mean a Thing” as a class.

Learning about the history of Jazz music, swing rhythms.


Summer Second Half 'Music for Adverts'


Understanding how musical elements are used to create music for adverts.

Composing a piece of music for an advert.

Performing various advert themes as well as group compositions.

Learning what makes successful advert music. Texture, tempo, time signatures, dynamics.

Spring First Half 'Reggae'


Understanding how the elements of Reggae are different to other styles of music.

Composing a reggae piece with lyrics.

Performing a variety of famous reggae songs such as “Three Little Birds”.

Learning about the history of Reggae and about Bob Marley. Offbeats, texture, tempo.


Spring Second Half 'The Orchestra and Classical Music'


Understanding how to use the key features of classical music.

Composing a classical melody and accompaniment.

Performing a class piece such as “Ode to Joy”.

Learning about the instruments of the Orchestra and classical composers.


Summer First and Second Half 'Band Project'


Understanding how to perform in an ensemble.

Composing parts to fit with the class piece if necessary.

Performing in a whole class band.

Learning how to play a specific instrument in an ensemble.


Spring Second Half 'Junk Rhythms'


Understanding how polyrhythms work and how to create different timbres using everyday items.

Composing a group Junk Rhythm piece.

Performing “Stomp” style pieces as well as improvisation.

Learning what an ostinato is and how it is used in a Junk Rhythm performance. Texture, timbre.


Summer First Half 'Hip Hop & Rap'


Understanding what elements are used to create a hip hop song.

Composing a rap piece with lyrics and backing.

Performing compositions.

Learning about the history of rap music. Texture, tempo.


Summer Second Half 'Live Lounge'


Understanding how to create an effective performance by creating a cover version of a song.

Composing and arranging the song to make it different from the original.

Performing the cover version regularly to gain feedback from the class.

Learning about how a song can be changed to make it a cover.

Year 11



Study of The Beatles set works.

Composition to a brief is started.



Study of The Beatles set works.

The majority of time is used to complete composition coursework.



Study of both set works.

General revision for the listening exam.