Department Vision

  • To ensure that all students achieve their Personal Best in Maths

  • To ensure that students are confident and work fluently with mathematical content

  • To help students develop a love of Maths

  • To set high expectations (students and staff)

  • To ensure continuity across the department

In Year 7 students take a two year course designed to consolidate previous learning & prepare for KS4. 

In Years 9, 10 & 11, all students follow a 3 year GCSE course following the AQA specification

Year 7


Autumn Term 1 - Place value, add & subtract

Place value (inc. decimals)
Add & subtract (inc. decimals)
Word problems
Negative numbers

Sequences (term-to-term, not nth term)
Rounding to decimal places
Time & timetables


Spring Term 1 - Geometry

Draw, measure & name acute, obtuse and reflex angles
Find unknown angles (straight lines, at a point, vertically opposite)
Naming Polygons
Properties of triangles & quadrilaterals
Line & rotational symmetry
Reflection & Rotation
Area of parallelograms

Summer Term 1 - Algebra

Order of operations
Language of algebra
Simplifying algebraic expressions
Linear equations (one & two step)
Solve word problems with expressions
Drawing graphs by generating co-ordinates


Year 8

Autumn Term 1


Calculate with positive rational & decimal numbers
Multiply & divide fractions & mixed numbers
Prime factorisation to find LCM & HCF
Squares & cubes
Set notation & Venn diagram
Order of operations
Rounding, significant figures & estimation
Using a calculator
Understand Inequality statements

Spring Term 1

Draw accurate triangles & quadrilaterals (ruler, protractor, compasses)
Construction & Loci
Find unknown angles (including parallel lines, angles in polygons, interior & exterior angles
Area & perimeter of composite shapes and circles
Circles - arcs and sectors
Surface area of cuboids & prisms
Circumference of circles


Summer Term 1

Real Life Graphs in Context (includes velocity)
Naming & identifying prisms & pyramids, faces, edges & vertices
Nets of cubes, cuboids, prisms & pyramids
Translation & Enlargement
Congruence & Similarity
Volume of cubes and cuboids
Volume of triangular prisms & complete prisms
Surface area of cylinders
Converting units

Year 9

Autumn Term 1


Scale Drawing & bearings
Basic Number
Factors & multiples
Basic Algebra review
Basic decimals
Basic fractions


Spring term 1

Basic Percentages
Area & Perimeter
Circles - circumference & Area


Summer Term 1

Basic Probability
Standards form & basic rules of indices
Ratio & Proportions


Year 10

Autumn Term                                                                                           


Construction & Loci                                                   

Standard Form                                                          
Calculations & Percentages                                      



Statistical Measures                                                 


Properties of Polygons                                             








Year 11

Autumn Term

Construction & Loci                                                   

Algebra - Quadratics                                                

Rearranging formulae                                               


Volume (more complex)                                            

Direct & Inverse Proportion                                       

Scatter Graphs                                                         


Pythagoras Theorem & basic Trigonometry              

Sketching Graphs                                                      

Simultaneous equations                                             

2D Representations of 3D shapes
Sketching Graphs                                        

Autumn Term 2 - Multiply & Divide and Representing Data

Multiply & divide (inc. decimals)

Metric unit conversions

Area of rectangles and triangles

Calculate the mean

Factors, HCF & primes

Representing data


Spring Term 2 - Fractions

Equivalent fractions

Compare & order fractions & decimals

Multiples & LCM

Add & subtract fractions

Change mixed numbers to improper fractions & vice versa

Add & subtract mixed numbers

Fractions of a quantity

Summer Term 2 - Percentages & Pie Charts

Read & interpret pie charts

Convert between & order fractions,

decimals & percentages

Percentage of a quantity

Find the whole given the part & percentage

Solve word problems with proportion

Scale Drawing

Financial Maths Week

Autumn Term 2

Algebraic manipulation: understand & use the concepts and vocabulary or expressions,

equations, inequalities, terms & factors

Expressions and equations from real-world situations

Intro to Basic Simultaneous Equations

Solving Inequalities not graphical) & construct inequalities

Spring Term 2

Convert between fractions, decimals and percentages

Percentage increase & decrease,

Find the whole given the part and the percentage

Ratio (equivalent, of a quantity, rates)

Linear Graphs, Speed, distance, time

Graphs & Rates of change

Summer Term 2

Pythagorus Theorum includes problems in context & geometrical problems

Collect & organise data tables

Construction & interpretation of bar charts, line graphs, stem-and-leaf diagrams, scatter graphs

Averages from tables, includes averages from Grouped Frequency tables

Median, mode & range


Financial Maths Week

Autumn Term 2

Co-ordinates & linear graphs


Collecting & representing data

Co-ordinates & linear graphs


Collecting & representing data


Spring Term 2

Real Life Graphs


Summer term 2

Scatter graphs

Pythagorus Theorum

2D representations of 3D shapes

Financial Maths Week

Spring Term

Number & Algebra review

Congruence & Similarity

Pythagoras & Trigonometry



Circumference & Area

Simultaneous Equations

Probability & Statistical Review

Summer Term

Properties of Polygons

Quadratics & re-arranging formulae


Sketching graphs

Linear & Quadratic equations & graphs

Financial Week

Spring Term

Equations & Graphs

Circle Theorems

Growth & decay

Equation of a Circle

Gradients & rates of Change

Trigonometry - sine & cosine rules

Transforming Functions

Simultaneous Equations

Direct & Inverse proportion

Solving Quadratic equations

Number & Shape revision

Summer Term


Pre-calculas & area under the graph

Algebraic Fractions

Quadratic Graphs


Revision & Practice Papers

Head of Department: Mrs H Lo

Teachers:  Mrs H Makewita (Second in Dept), Mrs Kainth (Leading Practitioner) Mrs J Williams, Mrs D Pugh, Mrs D Lester, Mrs L Burnett, Mrs M Cornforth.