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Another Year of Excellent results for Toynbee Pupils!!!!

Both staff and pupils have risen to the challenge of the new GCSEs and turned in some exceptional performances

English & Maths show 70% and 80% achieving grade 9 - 4 

70% of pupils achieved 9 - 4 in both English & Maths

71% achieved 9 - 4 in both Sciences

Aldermoor Farm Visit

Year 11 Hospitality & Catering experienced a successful visit to ALdermoor farm to look at the where our food comes from both plant and animal based.

Eastleigh Youth Conference

Some Year 10 pupils attended the Annual Youth Conference yesterday held at Barton Peveril College.   They are pictured with the Mayor who opened the Conference.


Conference attendees covered various topics around keeping safe including substance misuse and the effects of alcohol.    The pupils were chosen with a view to feeding back and raising awareness in school - particularly to the lower year groups.


Congratulations to our pupils for winning the runner-up trophy at the ‘Top of the Bench’ Chemistry Challenge!

This year, yet again, four of our gifted and talented pupils had been invited to this challenge, which took place at Portsmouth Grammar School.

Amongst many tasks, our pupils had to complete quizzes, presentations and practical experiments. They showcased a multitude of skills including team work, safety in the lab, quality of data recorded, and analysis of results. They worked with confidence throughout the day and were highly praised by the organiser.

A very well done!  Mrs Piccinino


On Tuesday 26th November 'Helpful Hounds' came to Toynbee to deliver the promised puppy/dog training session for the 3 pupils in year 8 who raised the most sponsor money during the sponsored run in the summer term of year 7.

The boys had a great time learning the specific techniques and were very hands on with two older dogs (including Scoot) and a five month black Labrador puppy called Barnham.


At the end of the session they were also treated to a demonstration of how these dogs can not only be buddy dogs but assistive dogs for people with physical disabilities. They demonstrated how the dogs could pick up keys purses, empty washing machines and take off socks! Additionally they saw some other tricks such as walking on the trainers toes and playing dead!!

'Science Live' at Oxford!

This year, yet again, our pupils had the privilege to attend a Science live show in Oxford. They listened to cutting-edge discoveries presented by reputable scientists.


We’re very proud that four of our pupils were chosen to help out the Science live staff, welcoming the audience.

Global Challenge at Southampton University

Second Place win!

Ten Gifted and Talented year 10 students were selected to take part in The University of Southampton's Global Challenge.  This event focuses on the UN's 17 Sustainability Goals.  Students select a single goal to champion throughout the event and then compete with other school in debates and academic presentations.  University Alumni then grade each school on the quality of their work with a real focus on using data effectively.  I am happy to announce that, for the second year running, Toynbee school achieved second place.  All students performed brilliantly with some exceptional performances in the debate, speech writing, poster design and presentation.


Mr May G&T Co-ordinator

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