Head of Department: Mrs J Clarke

Teachers: Mrs L Down (Second in Dept), Mr S Davis ( Leading Practitioner), Mr B Paddington, Mrs S Keene, Mrs A Bradshaw, Mrs B deFosse,

Department Vision

  • To facilitate achievement for all.

  • To be the best department we can be.

  • To develop a love of literature; teaching pupils to look beyond the obvious and question the world.

Year 11 Revision for Literature Exam

Year 7


'Myths & Monsters'

Assessment Opportunities:
Creative Writing
Speaking and Listening Presentation
Language / Character Analysis

Suggested texts :
The Lady of Shallot

Author Study
Library lessons

Year 8



Assessment Opportunities:
Comparison of TV/print news
Language analysis from chosen text

Suggested texts / authors:
Conan Doyle
Sherlock Holmes
James Bond
Roald Dahl
Charlotte Dymond
Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

Author Study
Library lessons








Year 9



Assessment opportunities:
Creative Writing
Gothic Story Opening
Language / Character Analysis

Suggested texts / authors:                     
The Signalman
The Red Room
The Monkey’s Paw
Jekyll & Hyde
The Woman in Black

Author Study:
Library lessons – Dickens



Year 10


'Villains of the Past'

19th Century Literature

Jekyll & Hyde                                                       

A Christmas Carol                    


Pupils will study one of these texts

decided by the class teacher.

Assessment: Pupils will complete a range of reading and writing assessments in class.  As there is no coursework element to this course, all assessments will follow the style of the new GCSDE exam questions and will be marked with reference to examination assessment objectives.  Work will be marked in detail and pupils will be advised on how to improve each skill.  Work will not be marked with a GCSE number/grade.

Year 11


Intro to Unseen Exam Reading Skills with a focus on Paper 1

Complete remaining poems from Poetry Anthology

Focus on Paper 2 Reading Skills

Opinion Writing

Ongoing revision of Literature texts using 'cross-over' tasks

Home Learning


'Out of this World'

Assessment Opportunities:
Writing to Argue/persuade: Inventions
Debate / Group discussion
Language / Character Analysis

Suggested texts:
War of the Worlds (film clips)
The Time Machine
Sci-Fi short stories
Diary of Pelly D
Artemis Fowl
Tuck Everlasting
Golden Apples of the Sun

Author Study:
Library lessons

World Book Day: March



Assessment Opportunities:
Commenting Writers’ Ideas               
Poetry Analysis
Non-fiction writing (newspapers & letters)

Suggested texts:
Boy Overboard
Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
Talking in Whispers
Private Peaceful
Journey’s End
The Long & The Short & The Tall

Author Study:
Wilfred Owen

Library lessons
World Book Day: March












'Human Rights / Identity'

Assessment Opportunities:
Writing to argue and Persuade (GCSE Spoken Language Assessment)
Language / Character Analysis
Poetry Comparison

Suggested Texts:
Poetry from Other Cultures
To Kill A Mockingbird
Of Mice & Men
Noughts & Crosses
The Kite Runner
Maggot Moon
Chinese Cinderella
A View from the Bridge
Blood Brothers
The Crucible
Whose Life Is It Anyway?

Author Study
Library lessons

World Book Day: March


Spring Term

'Families & relationships'

Modern Text

An Inspector Calls


Animal farm

Never Let Me Go

Lord of the Flies

The History Boys

Blood Brothers

Pupils will study one these texts decided by the teacher

World Book Day :March


Revision Loop One & Two, 'Inequality followed by Crime.' 

Covering all components of the Lit & Lang exam by using a variety of texts and tasks that are linked by an overall theme

21st & 19th Century non-fiction text

Unseen Poem

Poems from Anthology

Creative & Non-fiction writing

Link to theme/characters in at least two of the set texts

Revision Loop Two & Three, 'Humans & the Natural World'


'Growing Up'        

Assessment Opportunities
Writing poetry
Language / Character Analysis

Suggested texts:
Short stories
Creature in the Dark
Fat Boy Swim
Al Capone Does My Shirts
The Midnight Fox
Alone on a Wide Wide Sea
Two weeks with the Queen (play)

Author Study:
Library lessons


'Language Through the Ages'        

Assessment Opportunities
Creative/Descriptive writing based on a play
Language Analysis


Drama Performance

Suggested texts:
Openings of Shakespeare Plays
Canterbury Tales
Victorian Texts - Dickens
Romantic Poetry 
Writers from other Cultures



Assessment Opportunities

Language & Character Analysis

Dramatic Interpretation

Stagecraft & Performance

Socratic circle Discussion

Suggested Texts: A Midsummer Night's Dream

Twelfth Night

Library Lessons

Two weeks with the Queen (play)

Author Study:
Library lessons


GCSE Skills Focus on Reading skills


Focus on ‘big thinking questions’ and thematic texts.

Themes might include:

  • Homelessness

  • The Environment


Summer term

'Conflict & Power'

Shakespeare play


Romeo & Juliet

The Tempest

The Merchant of Venice

Much Ado About Nothing

Julius Caesar

Pupils will study one of these texts decided by the teacher


Revision & Exam Practice

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