Holidays -  FUN Suggestions

OK - the Holiday are upon you and you're home-based - what can you do? There are alternatives to XBox and Instagram.  Try out some of the ideas below - either on your own or with your family. 

Learn the dance routine to one of your favourite music videos.  Teach it to your brothers/sisters and even your parents. Have a laugh teaching everyone your new moves.  Zoe Ball on Radio 2 is doing this with her daughter.  Film yourselves.  A family memory to cherish in future years!

Create a video with an app such as iMovie, then upload your masterpiece to YouTube. Grab a video of your pet doing something cute, make a short film, do a gaming tutorial or film your dance routine as above.

Re-write the lyrics to a song explaining what your life is like now living with Coronavirus.  Here are some examples for 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and 'I Think we're Alone now'.   and 'Hello'.   Why not try to re-write Bon Jovi's, 'Always' or Beyonce's, 'All the Single Girls.'  Your choice.  Once finished, share with your friends online and get them to sing along with you on Zoom or Microsoft Teams (Use your Office 365 account).  Or do a Karaoke  singalong with your family with the Bohemian Rhapsody version above and film it.

Get lip-syncing - - If you haven't downloaded this popular app yet, you're missing out. Easily create lip-synced music videos with and share them with your family.

Create your own video diary - talk to the camera about your thoughts and feelings during this time.  Day 1 - Day 2 etc.  Share with your teachers after the holidays.  Upload to 'Show My Homework' we'd love to be part of your creativity.  

Get Wocking - this is trending right now.  Find a nice shaped pebble or rock and paint it.  Can be a scene, a flower, a diagram a face - then give them as presents, keep them as pets ( Yes!) and also leave them as surprises for others to find and keep.  

Get creative - rescue the family sewing machine from the back of the cupboard.  Get sewing - create something.  Find old clothing items that you don't want any more. Sell the ones you can, but consider repurposing the rest. Turn an old T-shirt into a fun pillow or cut off the legs of your jeans to create shorts and use scraps of fabric as patches.

Draw, paint or colour the view from your bedroom window - or draw your self portrait.  If you are no good at drawing create something using strips torn out of magazines or newspapers and use montage to create a new picture.

Recreate famous paintings from items at home - join in this museum's challenge.

Make some Bunting for a good cause -  BUNTING INSTRUCTION PACK 


Watch National Theatre online for FREE - a great family opportunity. 

Sign up for other online events which interest you with your parents permission.

Go on VIrtual Rides at some of the best Theme Parks

Have a conversation with Siri - Grab your iPhone and have a lively conversation with Siri. To start, you can ask her to "Beat-Box" for you; the response is great. You can also ask her about the meaning of life, or where she was born.

Take a Selfie with your pet - Your pet is one of the only things you can close to these days so off you go! Costumes and props are encouraged.  Filter and edit the photos and post them on your social media platform.

Get crafty - Look for projects that interest you on Pinterest, such as string art, duct tape wallets, bath bombs or beaded necklaces.  Consider making these items as gifts for friends and family.

Create a scrapbook - Print your favourite photos of your family, your pets or friends. Assemble them in a scrapbook complete with stickers, captions and other decorations.

Sign up for a short language course.  There are lots of offers around at the moment through Groupon.  Talk to your parents first, but costly courses of £100 or more are on offer for £10.  Just wait when you get back to school and the MFL dept hear your accent!  Teach your new knowledge to your brothers and sisters or parents.  The best way to learn is to teach.

Turn your lounge, garden or bedroom into a gym - Design your own work out routine or exercise along with Joe Wicks.  Get others in the family to join in.

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