Headteacher's Welcome
Toynbee is a friendly school with a strong reputation in the local neighbourhood for excellent results and delivering on its 'Personal Best ethos,' indeed our parents have described the school as...

                                 " a Gem in Chandler's Ford"

Toynbee is holistic and inclusive and we are a ‘talking school’ that believes in proactive partnerships with our parents to deliver the best education.

Our young people's aspirations are the central focus for all work here, because we believe that only through full participation in school life can our students become the most incredible person they can be.  We want them to thrive and develop all of their potential through every opportunity offered to them.  Student Leadership posts and extra curricular events abound here so that students can flourish and extend their confidence and skills.

Our academic curriculum is traditional; enhanced by our Humanities specialism. We pride ourselves on finding flexibility for indivduals' needs which is very evident in our Visually Impaired Resource Centre which supports VI students across Hampshire.
Excellent results
High Standards
Inclusive Approach
Respect & Tolerance
Creative Teaching
Nurturing the talents of ALL
Visit us! Our best ambassadors are our students of whom we are immensely proud & they will take you on a tour. 

"a friendly school, fantastic students,
impressive results"
Toynbee School
a specialist humanities school
Mr Matthew Longden - Headteacher
Bodycoats Road, Chandler's Ford, Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO53 2PL
Tel: 023 80269026  Email: admin@toynbee.hants.sch.uk