Our mission statement...

"We pride ourselves on being a school for everyone; catering for all levels of academic ability, offering a rich curriculum and a wide range of enrichment activities to allow all pupils to discover their strengths and develop their skills effectively."

The curriculum at Toynbee is diverse and balanced.  All pupils follow the statutory subjects as well as a broad curriculum allowing for personalisation so that we can best meet an individual's needs, talents and interests. 

"The curriculum is a strength of the school.  It is broad and balanced.  The school constantly reviews the mix of GCSE and vocational courses to ensure the curriculum meets students' needs.  Students' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is well promoted."  Ofsted 2013

Ofsted has consistently rated our Curriculum as ‘Good’.  In fact we offer quite a traditional curriculum in Years 7 & 8 with a real focus on the core of English & Maths, plus the opportunity to study two language where appropriate. Our curriculum becomes increasingly flexible and personalised as our students progress into Year 9 and then into their GCSEs.

ALL lessons in Toynbee are 1 hour long with 5 lessons per day, amounting to a 25 period week.  No of periods are shown in brackets ()

In Year 7 & 8

Pupils study the CORE - English, Maths, Science - 3 periods per subject per week

and the FOUNDATION subjects of …

Geography (2) History (2) Religious Studies (1) Art (1 in Yr 7, 2 in Yr 8) Drama (1) Music (1) Pe (2) French or Spanish (3 in Yr 7, 2 in Yr 8) and New Technology (3) - Product Design, Food, Textiles, Computing.

In Year 9

Students are offered the chance of deepening their study of two Creative Arts subjects and also picking up a second language.  This is arranged through a Year 8 curriculum evening to which all parents and students are invited, where the process is explained in full.

Students choose from:-

Art (2)
Drama (2)
Music (2)
Dance (2)
Media (2)
French or Spanish (2)

Students also have the chance to opt for two out of the four New Technologies as listed above which they study fro for 2 periods per week.

In Year 9 students and their parents are invited to an ‘GCSE Choices’ evening early in the Spring term where the full suite of GCSEs on offer at Toynbee put up information stalls so that questions and queries can be answered.  This is linked to the Year 9 Parents Information evening where parents can pick up progress and attitude reports on their children in each subject area which will inform their GCSE choices.

Last year’s booklet is here - please refer to it but be aware the offer may change slightly each year and exam boards may change too.

English, Maths & Science continue with 3 lessons each per week and Geography, History, Religious Studies continue with their Year 7 & 8 time allocations.

In Year 10 & 11 -
Options booklet Click here

Key stage 4 offers students the opportunity to follow individual pathways with GCSEs and other courses, as appropriate.  Additional curriculum time is given to the core subjects of English, Maths and Science.  English and Maths are allocated four periods and Science five periods.  There is also full access to the entitlement areas of Arts, New Technologies, Humanities and Modern Foreign Languages which are allocated 2 to 3 periods a week. Subjects who are allocated 2 periods in Year 10 are given 3 periods in Year 11 and vice versa.  All students have the opportunity to follow an English Baccalaureate suite of subjects and GCSE Religious Studies.  All students, regardless of these choices, or any disapplication, follow the 'Living Difference' learning modules over the 2 years.

Our Gifted and Talented students study separate sciences Biology, Chemistry & Physics and sit the GCSE Statistics exam a year early.

Cross Curricular

Themed Personal Development Learning Days (PDL) cover specific areas of SMSC, including 'British values', enterprise, citizenship, careers, health and sex education.  All subjects contribute to the wider SMSC curriculum as audited and planned for within programmes of study.  For further details see the SMSC section and 'School Life' sections of the website to get a flavour of the range of activities, events and programmes we offer to pupils.

Extra Curricular

Alongside the formal curriculum also runs a very active and much praised extra curricular programme.  For a full termly listing of our clubs which run before school, lunchtimes and after school, visit the Clubs & Activities button on the front page of the website or Click here.

Trips and Residentials

Once again there is a rich range of opportunities for every year group.  Visit our Toynbee Life section to appreciate the events we arrange for our students over the course of a typical year.

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